Friday, June 26, 2009

Bucks County Renewables EV Conversion Workshop

One of the first long trips i took in the MINI E was to Jenny Isaacs Bucks County Renewables Ev conversion workshop. Jenny holds a workshop that anyone can sign up for. Its held over the course of a week and at the end you helped complete the conversion of a gas vehicle to 100 percent electric power. She owns a VW Vanagon that is electric and also a Dodge Colt electric. My friend Al from the Eastern Electric Vehicle Club and I brought our EV's to Lansdale, Pa to show some of the students what a great conversion and a production EV looks like. If i remember correctly it was almost a 100 mile round trip that day with no problems. About 15 people got to try the MINI E that day and all had big smiles on their face. There is more cool pics at her
site here